Customer Guest Product Review: Matthew Blanchard

If you are like me and are eagerly awaiting the summer, not only for days at the beach or barbeques with friends and family, but for the return of the cricket season then you are in luck!

As a passionate cricket fan, I decided to take the plunge and splash out on a cricket themed wallet called ‘The Game Opener’.  This is a stunningly designed and expertly hand-crafted Italian leather wallet is made with love and passion. The sleek design and feel of the leather is a beauty to behold and makes a stylish addition to any man’s attire.  The most striking aspect of ‘The Game Opener’ is the double stitching running across both sides of the wallet to look just like the seam of a brand new ball. If that wasn’t magnificent enough, the Italian leather gives off that truly undeniable new cricket ball smell so you can always feel connected to this wonderful game.

‘Unique & Personal’

Not only is ‘The Game Opener’ beautifully styled it is also a fantastic wallet in of itself.  Each wallet has it’s own unique number making it feel personal to oneself and special.  The wallet consists of two main partitions lending it perfectly to either separating notes from receipts or even the old £20 notes from the new plastic lower denomination alternatives.  There are multiple card slots that are perfectly designed so that debit cards, driving licences, whatever you decide to fill your wallet with, are not stuck and an absolute pain to remove because it’s too tight but also not lose so they often fall out (a problem I seem to have with many a wallet).

You might be thinking, let’s be honest a wallet is just a wallet, can it really be THAT special or make THAT much of a difference.  My answer to that question is yes.  Not only do I actually feel stylish for once, but every day when I pick it up to use it, it makes me smile knowing that I would never go back to a bland plain wallet.

In conclusion ‘The Game Opener’ is an exceptional accessory for any cricket lover out there and I cannot recommend it highly enough as it truly does stand out from the crowd, so don’t get caught out bring a little bit of cricket with you wherever you go all year around whatever the weather because the games may stop but passion is always with us.

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