From Ponce To Gent


From a young lad to a young man, is a journey. I will be writing about what products I use and how a young city lad who plays rugby, keeps fit by training in the gym and enjoy nights out with my mates can become a proper traditional gentleman.

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I’m a typical of lad who plays rugby, keeps fit by training in the gym and enjoy nights out with my mates. My journey to become more of a gent was spurred on when I took up the exciting and stylish sport of shooting ( together with my new Black Lab Oliver who will be starting his training as a gun dog).  Since swapping my xbox for hours at a time on the clay shooting grounds, I have grown to appreciate the finer things in life such as a nice bar or pub vs a loud club, shoes instead of trainers.

I’m in a weird transition phase between a jeans and t-shirt wearing city style boy to a young man who can put on bit of tweed, a shirt, a coat and who wouldn’t look out of place in city high class bar or country side estate. As well as looking further ways to improve my life in general and get closer to being a proper gent and not just seeming like a ponce who likes guns.

However, once I’m through the other side I’m sure it’ll be hell of a lot better when I can sit in a Chesterfield chair next to my Labrador and a roaring fire enjoying a fine drink and some good company or at least that’s the image I’ve got in my head, now it’s more like sitting on a sofa with a cup of tea, revising for university with Oliver asleep at my feet (that’s one thing that will never change). At the end of the day everyone just tries to be the person they imagine they are and the person they’re comfortable being and with me, it’s unlike almost every other teenager, as I imagine a proper country gent who enjoys the traditional way of life.

Most people like the idea of a more traditional life however those ways have clearly been replaced for a reason as for some central heating is a lot easier than a wood fired stove as a 30 second shave with an electric razor is quicker than a 5 minute shave with a double edge razor, pre-shave moisturiser and a proper aftershave however, I usually find the more time spent on things the more reward is reaped from them as with shaving for example, I’ve now started shaving more as its become more enjoyable generally which also leads to me looking more presentable for work and life altogether.

This preference for the traditional goes for most of my life as I often question why some things have changed like how making coffee has gone from fresh coffee in the morning to instant and how plucking up the nerve to ask someone to go for a drink has simply turned to swiping right on a picture of them on an app. Some of these scenarios I really do not understand, but that’s just the person who I am, as I’m sure over the course of my blogs you will find out. Anyway, that’s just a little bit of an understanding of the person I am, how I think and how my mind works when it comes to products, activities and life in general.

See you in my next post!

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